The forum is open. I think it works well...
It still needs to "grow". More forums and all that. Anyway, there some posts to talk about that. Hope you like it, I've worked so hard. Sorry I take so long open it, but I wanted it as cool as possible. Well, at least you can test it :)

Issues, problems, ideas... whatever, PLEASE, ON THE FORUM if possible. If not, please, on the blog. Not the LJ community, if possible. I don't have much free time, as my exams start soon, so I can't see all the sites on the internet -.- Please, make it easy...

So star registering, posting and invite your friends. It's a hard work to set up all this, and need your help, guys!!!

As another poll has finished, we'll have a forum (yey!!) and a gallery ^^ (well, the gallery didn't win, but I think it would be a good idea :P)

I have almost all I need to create them.. but there is something I didn't have and I need your help to find it: THE NAME!!

If we want to create a great place, we'll need a good name. I would like something with the name Avalon... maybe Avalon Fields or something similar. Any ideas? I'm not good with names...

I'm also thinking about creating more sections on the forum. Sections about other shows: the 90s shows we love, and new shows as WITCH or WinxClub... maybe also anime and/or Disney... what do you think?

Give your ideas!! It would be nice to create a place where people can enjoy, but I can't do it alone!

PS. The first season is fully uploaded. I have to upload other thing (Lego Harry Potter PC Game) as I had it as a previous request, but when that finished, I'll start with the second season. You can find the links HERE and also HERE

Hey, people!

As you will notice, the poll about the video format has ended (AVI won :P) that means that today you will have the first episodes uploaded ^^ But you will have to wait a little, since my internet conexion is not very fast...

Anyway, soon the whole show will be here for you! In English and with a good quality, thanks to an anonimous contributer, who give me the link to a Russian rip. Thank you so much!

Status updated

- F***! Some plugin crashed! ¬¬ Now, I have to restart...

- Finally, yesterday only a few archives uploaded -.- Don't know the problem... try again in a pair of hours...
- Thanks to my University conection, the first four episodes are ready to download ^^
- Wiiii the first season is almost finished!! At least, the rar archives :P Only episode 10 is not ready... and I started uploadind then to watch online!
- First season ready to download!!

Thanks to ry_sabir, here you have the Avalon Map. Cute, isn't it?

As everyone would notice, I've made some changes :P Hope you like the new theme. It's... magic, don't think? It suits quite well with all the Avalon and Jewel Riders thing.

I have a new mail. That does't mean that the old one will dissapear. No. I need another mail because I was getting too much mail about many things. You know, some mails with things about this project, mails from friends, mails from other stuff I'm workin on... It was a mess, so I decided to separate my personal mail from the other stuff. So, since now, you can contact me here:

Because of this, you will be two differents "authors" on this blog: Ai Misaki and Nami - Starla. I am both of them. Ai Misaki (Amy Knight/Starla before) is my personal nick, and my personal blog and my Potter-fic-blog (you are invited to both of them, if you understand Spanish) will be more updated under that nick. My other projects (this blog and some more) will be under Nami - Starla. But I may write with any of the nicks. The point is that both (Ai Misaki and Nami - Starla) are me. And no other nick :P

At the LJ community, I will post (better say, comment) under this blog's URL (Blogger blogs are OpenID :P) because I lost my LJ password... and I just use it to post at that community so... well, anyway, it's also me :P

Updates soon, I promise. Episodes on Megavideo are coming (my internet connection sometimes sucks) And a bit more of stuff will be ready soon, I hope. Sorry, but I have a busy life. University, family, friends... you know ;)

Thanks to all the people (ry_sabir, Tom, gargu, Stormy...) that gave me support and help. And to the followers. And the people who vote on polls. You keep all this alive.

PS. It would be nice if all of you, dear visitors, leave a comment sometimes. It's quite easy. Just click where it says [x] jewels.


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